##iso-c++ Policy

##iso-c++ facilitates discussion and questions about the C++ programming language. The channel has two main characteristics:

  1. There is a strong emphasis on standard C++ [1]. Questions about specific C++ dialects, libraries (other than the C++ standard library), platforms, or compilers, are all considered off-topic.

  2. The aim is to eliminate all forms of "noise", which includes not only obvious things like rants, trolls, and flames, but also bot abuse, teenage frivolity, recruitment, and any and all questions or discussion about things other than standard C++ (including generic smalltalk about work, the weather, politics, etc.). (Meta-discussion about channel policy and affairs is naturally exempt.)

##iso-c++ is a place for civilized people genuinely interested in C++ to discuss, ask questions, and exchange ideas about C++ in a polite, calm, and serious manner. We will not have clowns, trolls, big egos, below-the-belt arguing, et cetera.

Policy enforcement in ##iso-c++ will be stronger than in ##c++. Our policy and the limits of acceptable behavior are clear, so clowns and trolls will be easily identified and disposed of.

Despite the more serious setting, ##iso-c++ is not an "advanced C++" channel. Beginner questions are quite welcome, under the usual provisions of effort and care [2][3]on the part of the person asking.

Some additional guidelines for discussion:


  1. Hence the name "##iso-c++"; ISO is the International Organization for Standardization that standardizes C++.
  2. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
  3. How to write a proper testcase